Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow--and Back Again!

This is the "chemo haircut".

This is what's left after the first cycle.  I could still go out without a hat.

This is what's left after the second chemo cycle--with a little help from Kevin's razor.  I had what I call "monkey head", which was sparse 2 inch hairs sticking out all over.  We left some bangs in the front, so I'm not totally bald.

This is how I look in public--my favorite "daytime" hat.  (Thanks Cindy!)

And here's my favorite nighttime hat.

I'm not very good with scarves--I think I end up looking like a pirate.  (The hoop earrings don't help.)  I actually got whistled at while wearing this by a man who didn't appear to be blind or mentally unstable.  Maybe he was wondering where my parrot was.

And this, of course, is a chicken hat.  Perfect for any occasion.

This is after chemo, during that uncomforable growth stage.  The hair is too short (and spindly) to look like I meant to look like this, but too long to comfortably wear a hat.

This is a bit later, when it was long enough to appear that I intended to have a 'hairdo'.  This was during a trip to Texas for a wedding (yes, I have professional photos documenting this stage of hair growth).

And here I am after discovering that styling products and glasses enhanced the intentional look and made it easier to go to work.