Sunday, August 07, 2005

New shoes

I bought new shoes today. Not that buying shoes is an unusual event for me, but these are unusual shoes. For two reasons. First, they're rather weird. Let me describe them--green suede clogs. I had to have them. There've been only a few other pairs of shoes that have done it for me the way these do. Remember my red boots? And I still love the black funky ones I bought during one of my countless shoe shopping forays in Chicago. These are those kind of shoes.

So I tell myself they're for school.

I have a love/hate relationshipo with this brand of shoes. First, they're usually way to narrow for my feet. (Fat feet = peasant feet, I'm sure.) Second, they're expensive. Third, they are made for a lifestyle I don't have, but when they get it right, it's right! I'm a sucker for their shoes.

So I bought the shoes. And I admired them and loved them and then I returned them. Because when am I going to wear green suede clogs with a 3 inch heel?

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