Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Teachable moment

We taught Conor something important today--we taught him the fine line between lying, and not disclosing the truth. We rented a car for our trip to see Kevin's family, and while we were there, the passenger side exterior mirror fell off. On its own. Seriously! Some previous renter had knocked it off and then stuck it back on and it stayed, until the snowstorm knocked it off. So what did we do? We glued it back on. And the mirror stayed on the car--once we McGuyver'd it with a giant rubber band rolled up into the passenger window for the rigors of highway travel. Right before we got to the airport, Conor announced that he wanted to tell the rental car people all about the mirror. Uh, NO! I could not find a reasonable way to explain it without indicating that Mommy&Daddy are either lying or cheating, so I settled on "Your father will tell them about it."

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