Thursday, February 15, 2007


I got an automated call from one of the local news channels asking me to participate in a one minute poll. What did they want to know? That I'm:
a.) godless
b.) 40+ year old
c.) white
d.) liberal.
How very San Francisco! All that in four easy questions.

I must be on a list of people who will sit for these polls because I get them all the time. I answered a radio one a while back, and it was quite fun. The pollster was from Minnesota, and the poll was about the new radio station--the dance radio station. And while I'm not their target demographic (40+ female breeder), I do listen. Conor listens, too, on the way to school. When we get in the car he asks for 92.7-Energy-with-Fernando-and-Greg-in-the-Morning. In this way he's learned that girls sometimes don't wear underwear (thanks Britney & Lindsay!), but it wasn't such a big deal because a couple of girls at his school have gone without underwear because they had an accident in them. That's what he figured happened to Britney and Lindsay.

Anyway, so the pollster was asking if I knew of some of the on-air radio personalities, and when she got to "Greg the Gay Sportscaster" she stopped. "Is that for real?"

Of course, I told her. His slogan is, 'If they're playing with balls, I'm all over it!' Even my son knows that!

Long silence. Then she said she was from Minnesota, and they just don't have those kinds of things out there. Oh, sweetie, you do--they're just not on the radio.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Sidewalk Talk

Someone is tagging the sidewalks in our neighborhood, and it amuses me to no end. These are a couple I've seen walking up Valencia, Guerrero, and Dolores between 19th and 15th Streets.

I love San Francisco!


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