Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Have The Greatest Husband In The World

We were watching the 4th in a series of documentaries (28 Up from The Up Series), during which a husband and wife were being interviewed about their daily lives. He said that his wife worked from 9am - 4pm, and then he worked from 7pm - 2am. The interviewer asked if he helped out around the house and they both laughed. He said that when he got home from work, he didn't think he should have to lift a finger. My greatest-husband-in-the-world turned to me and asked, 'Didn't she work all day, too?'


Saturday, January 19, 2008


I bought a new suitcase, and it is liberating. Let me explain--since I began traveling for work in the 1990's, I've used one suitcase. Well, after I had disastrous episodes with garment bags, evil, evil, garment bags who entice you to stuff them so full that they not only won't fold, but they can't be carried! They must be dragged along infinite hallways, gathering dust and debris before you reach the mocking agents at checkin. Well, that's what I get for waiting until the last two trips to take all my stuff home from a corporate apartment that I'd been living in for months.

Anyway, after that I decided that I wouldn't be humiliated anymore by awkward, ugly luggage that I couldn't carry. So I bought myself a nice rolling bag that I could carry on, along with a suit bag for the inevitable expansion (and shopping) during the trip. So I went out and got one of these, a Hartmann suitcase, in the old-school color. They don't even make them anymore, everything is expandable. But in my day, the don't-check-anything-days, they had to fit or you weren't carrying it on. Remember when the x-ray machines had the little openings on them that everything had to fit through?

But one of the stresses of traveling for me now is fitting everything in. Yes, I've been dumping my larger items in Conor and Lucy's luggage, but now that everything has to be checked, why not get a bigger bag? I did, and I have to say my stress at traveling has gone down considerably because I can fit many, many, more clothes than I can wear in this one!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reindeer Licks

I really cannot say enough about this candy. First, there's the name. And then there's what you look like as you eat it. It looks as though you are French-kissing a tiny animal. (I took pictures of the kids eating it, but they creeped me out so I deleted them.) I did not photograph or look at myself while I ate one--you're not really aware it's a tongue, but you do sit there and nnnn nnnnnn nnnnnnnn lick at it. Apparently these now come in a variety of animals, in case reindeer aren't your bag.

Perhaps I am especially amused by the tongue candy because of my childhood. My father likes to eat cow tongue. And when you buy it in the grocery store, it looks exactly like what it is--a giant tongue, wrapped in plastic. And nce he got it home, my dad would take the tongue out and chase my brother and I around the house licking us with it. I never understood why anyone would want to eat tongue cooked and sliced up, and I cannot fathom why someone would want to eat a *candy* tongue. What's next--candy toenails!


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