Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Street Scene

A woman--young hipster, really--was walking down the street peeling an orange. She was throwing the peel over her shoulder, and at one point she tossed a bit of it right into the lap of a hot-looking guy sitting outside a coffee shop. If this were a movie they would have met and fell in love, but instead he gingerly picked up the scrap of peel from his shirt, flung it into the street, and gave her a dirty look.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eating Away At My 15 Minutes of Fame

I'm famous--or infamous--in the blogosphere! Check it out--go ahead, I'll wait. The result of another brouhaha on my moms group list that I moderate. (Grudgingly and sparingly--I did it for way to long already and am trying to extricate myself, but I happened to be online when this hit the fan.) Can you guess which one was me? Yes, I'm the site's webmaster who all but busted out the belt. If I'd known I was going to be famous, I'd have spent a bit more time on it--I copied a warning I had to send out last year when someone else got snarky on the list.

The interesting thing is that it's from a political blog. I thought it would have made the SFGate's parenting blog, The Poop. (Dirty laundry from our list has been reported there already; the train wreck that started with a question about playground etiquette--namely, can you have foreign-speaking people deported when their kid pushes yours?)

Do you know what else is great about the internet? It takes everything literally! I was looking on the SFGate site for The Poop blog, and a search on "the poop" yielded these sponsored links:
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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Our next-door neighbors have gone abroad for a couple of years and are renting out their house. They emailed us information on the current tenants, a young couple from Finland, including a link to his blog (which has Twitter-like updates.) Kevin and I read through it, and found out a lot of information about the guy, including what he had for lunch, his favorite mineral water brand, and his difficulties with internet connectivity. Oh, and why they're in San Francisco (startup bought by Google), what they think of the neighborhood, etc. Pictures, too.

Kevin runs into him outside one night after they moved in and says hello. During the conversation he congratulates the Finn on the Google buyout, and he looks surprised.


This guy posts ALL kinds of information on the internet. His site includes his current location, mobile phone availability (i.e., how long his phone has been idle), links to Flickr photos, his page, and links to his other sites that I've never heard of: Dopplr? Plazes?

Okay, everyone has detritus on the web--old resumes, company listings, etc. But this guy has stalker-ready information there and he's surprised? I mean, I can check his site to determine if we can block their driveway!


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