Monday, June 30, 2008

During a web usability session today, where we were reviewing the things that need to be done to a website to make it accessible to a screen reader or other web accessibility tool, someone made the following statement: "If you ever use the words 'click here' on a web page, it's a slap in the face to those without hands."

Slapping someone without hands? Oh, yes, that's an image that'll teach me to be sensitive to those that are different from us.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Diary

Printers in offices are facinating places. You could be at one, innocently pawing through all the documents, looking for your one page, and you find out many things about your colleagues. Like someone's going to Sonoma for the weekend (reservation confirmation), someone doesn't know how to get to Home Depot (Google map), someone's starting a new project in the same area you've been working on (yes, I took that one), and then there's a stack from that idiot who PRINTS OUT ALL THEIR EMAILS. Even the ones with the signature

But on this day what I found was the "Daily Diary" of a coworker who's becoming famous for not getting anything done. Here are some snippets I read before I got nervous and dumped it back in the tray and skeddaddled.
10:16am - 10:33am Walking to work
10:34am - 11:56am On the train
Noon - 1pm Lunch
1pm - 2pm Status Meeting
2pm - 3pm Meeting cancelled
3pm - 5pm Updates
Total project hours: 3

Oh, yes, this is certainly going to buttress your argument that you've got too much to do.

Years and years ago, I used to keep a diary at work, but it wasn't work-related. It was so long ago that I used WordPerfect (it was the top word processing program at the time) and stored it on a 5 1/4 disk. Now *that* was a floppy disk!

And I was so paranoid that I encrypted it with the longest possible password I could come up with--close to 100 characters. (I have a vague idea of what it was, and still believe that one day I'll be able to take it to the Computer Museum and have a couple of geeks retrieve it for me. And then be horrified by my decades-old musings.) But one day I decided to print out a page from it, and accidentally sent it to the wrong printer. By the time I realized where it went, it was too late. I clearly remember bursting out of my office and finding the office manager holding it up, asking, "Is this yours?", and she started reading it. Out loud.

Maybe that's why I take such pleasure in thinking of ways to torment coworkers. I think one of the most diabolical things to do is to take something sensitive or personal and immediately dump it in the shredder. The unwitting victim will spend ages looking for their printout! And if you sit near the printer, you can enjoy the sound of their panicked tromping around.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Work Humor

In addition to my scintillating wit, this is the stuff that cracks people up in my workplace.


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