Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wrong Kind of Penthouse

I was sitting on an airplane recently, my dad on one side and a stranger on the other. I had brought old copies of the New York Times Sunday Magazine to read and (finally) do the crossword puzzles. I was having a bit of trouble with one, so I decided to ask my dad for his help. Everything went swimmingly (he knew 1970's actors and car models) until I got to this clue:

Penthouse feature (4 letters)

My dad turns to me and says, "Well, 'Forum' is too long, isn't it?"

The guy on the other side of me laughed out loud. (Turns out the correct answer was 'view'.)


Friday, September 07, 2007

These Kids and Their Damn Music

The music these kids listen to these days makes me feel old and crotchety. Take, for example, the new Timbaland song “The Way I Are”. Now, I can stop my eye-rolling due to the poor grammar, but I cannot stop myself from saying ARE YOU KIDDING ME to the lyrics that rhapsodize about having a man who doesn’t have a job or any money—and turning to stripping to support him. I’m not sure there is enough alcohol to make me appreciate this song.


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